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nu3 - Your Online Shop for a Healthy Diet

From delicious natural products, to health and beauty care, to optimal nutrients for your performance, your online shop for smart nutrition offers everything that contributes to a healthy, fit and happy life. We have put together a wide range of high quality products, which we constantly improve and expand for you, so you can just eat both healthy and enjoyable. Our expert knowledge is your advantage: Are you looking for a superfood shop, a low carb shop or a supplement shop for your fitness or health? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because our experienced team of nutritionists and experts ensures that you can find just the right products for your personal nutritional needs at any time. And with natural products, optimal nutrients and great taste for your health and fitness!

Natural diet – Delicious and healthy culinary delights

We pay special attention to natural products and are therefore not only a superfood shop, but also your online shop for healthy nutrition. At nu3, you’ll find the best that nature has to offer, in certified organic quality. Discover for example our all-rounders coconut oil, turmeric or chia seeds, our delicious turmeric or bread spreads or berries and fruits, dried or powdered. Convince yourself and you will see that we have the right product for your individual lifestyle.

natural products

Weight Loss – Naturally and easy for every lifestyle

Do you want to know how to We pay special attention to lose weight fast, maintain your weight or just lose the last few pounds? And do you want to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect immediately after your weight loss? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the area of meal replacement, which includes weight loss products such as weight loss supplements or meal replacement shakes , you can find for example our top sellers BEAVITA or the classic Yokebe. Or make your dietary change perfect and discover our low-calorie noodles in our diverse Low Carb Foods Shop.

Weight loss products at nu3

Fitness – Pure Berlin Power

Do you want to stay fit or improve your fitness? In the supplement shop of nu3 you can buy sports nutrition and dietary supplements online. Discover the best proteins, protein bars, creatine or the best supplements for muscle gaining for your intensive fitness training. Or learn more about the importance of fitness nutrition for your training goal. Our specials on topics such as building muscles with help from bodybuilding supplements or muscle gain supplements or workout plans bring you closer to your personal goal.

Fitness and bodybuilding supplements

Health – Active and happy throughout the whole day

No matter what nutrient you need for your healthy and active lifestyle, our supplement store has everything from vitamin A to omega 3 to zinc. Discover our selection of high-quality vitamins such as vitamin C or vitamin D. Or discover natural nutrients for your daily care with the micro algae chlorella and spirulina. There are also minerals and much more at nu3 in wide selection at reasonable prices. Or are you suffering from food intolerances? Of course, we also have many gluten- and lactose-free products as well as other products for special diets in our assortment.

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Vegan Diet – Vegan products free of animal ingredients

You want to eat vegan? With helpful information and tips we want to make it easier for you to get started in the vegan diet and to show you how to eat both healthy and vegan. Also discover our diet plans like the Vegan Diet Plan. For a better overview, we compared vegan protein powders in one test. Find out which vegan protein powder suits you best! If you are looking for a multi-component protein powder, then the nu3 Vegan Protein 3K Vanilla is just right for you. But also organic products such as rice protein and pea protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein or soy protein can be found in the nu3 online shop – plus other vegan products such as spreads or care products!

vegan nutrition