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Beauty and Body Care

A range of products to Keep You Beautiful

For most people in the private and professional spheres, the area of Beauty of very important. Every person and skin type is very different which means it is important to find a scheme that is individual for you and not only emulating someone else. Here in our beauty shop you will find a unique variety of high-quality and very different beauty products and cosmetics that will support your natural beauty care!

With the beauty products of our Beauty shop, you can light up your natural look. Whether for strong, full hair, soft, supple skin and a nice and clean nails: Here with us you find the best beauty products that put your attractive appearance in the limelight. But as Nutrition Experts we offer not "only" quality cosmetics, for that true beauty comes from within, is more than a saying!

To emit natural beauty on the outside, you must give your body what it needs, especially with your daily diet. For this reason, we urge you to consider a comprehensive selection of food supplements containing nutrients available that are relevant to the topic of Beauty. In our range you will find supplementation with nutrients that make a contribution to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails in addition to the rich and wonderful variety of beauty products from the cosmetics area. These include Natural Beauty products as well as certifiedorganic cosmetics and certified vegan cosmetics. Supplement can be useful to support a balanced diet and a health conscious lifestyle that reduces the influence of harmful external influences as much as possible, these products can help you by fostering your natural appearance from the inside in a healthy and beautiful way.

Certified Natural, Organic & Vegan Cosmetics

All-natural, Organic products

This wide range of beauty and body care products are specifically designed and selected to look after you and your family's appearance and wellbeing. All our products retain our company ethos of beauty without synthetic ingredients. The range of beauty products available are all-natural, often certified organic and delightfully fresh while also being delicate for the body.

Our products come from nature, and as such they supplement the natural defences and systems of your body to protect and repair a range of issues including dry, cracked skin, lifeless, lack-lustre hair or wrinkled and aged skin. Our beauty range works to defend against:

  • Anti-aging
  • Body, skin and hair care
  • Delicate and sensitive skin
  • Problem skin, including such issues as dry skin, cracked skin, or oily skin

This list is not all inclusive, and our products also aim to deal with many other body and life issues which our customers and their families may encounter.

Beauty Products & Cosmetics from the Experts

Be Naturally Beautiful

Keyword, Natural: When selecting products for our Beauty range, our experts use almost always rely on products that offer you only pure natural ingredients. Therefore, our product range also includes many beauty products and resources for beauty care from the inside, all from plant-based sources. Pay particular attention to items marked with the Organic Seal! Here we offer you certified organic quality of raw materials from controlled organic production according to the strict standards of the European Union.

So that you always know exactly about what is offered by our nutritional supplements and beauty products, you will also find more detailed information in our store. This includes a brief description as well as a complete overview of all relevant components and detailed information on the application or ingestion. In addition, you will find every product clear symbols in the form of small icons that tell at first glance which products are as freely adapted from certain additives, pure natural origin or in the case of nutritional supplements for particular nutritional ways - for instance, if you are want lactose free, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan products.

We offer beauty products including both specialized and lesser-known producers whose products have completely convinced us well as well-known, tried and tested brands. Discover the whole range of beauty and beauty and give your skin, your hair and your nails the beauty care they deserve!

Find Your Ideal Products with nu3

The entire range is suitable for family use, and parents and children alike can enjoy the beautifully made, natural creams, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics and other products available. Whether you are looking for a new addition to your range of cosmetic products, or looking for shampoo or conditioner to protect and defend your hair, or whether you are in search of a delicate and gentle body cream or moisturiser for yourself or your baby, at nu3 we have products which will cater for you. Have a look around and see what you can find.