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Losing weight from your belly – A science in itself

Guest Post by Christina Helmi.

Where body fat occurs on the body is influenced by various factors, such as genetic predisposition, certain hormones also play a role, including estrogen or the stress hormone cortisol. All of these factors make it difficult to lose weight on the belly.


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Quality differences in vitamin C – and what you should know about

You will find it in the pharmacies and in supermarkets, discount stores will also have it on their shelves: It is the most famous of all the vitamins – Vitamin C. This massive menu of options leaves us faced with the question of which of these many products should we choose? To help you with your choice, we have some easy-to-read information about vitamin C supplements for you. […]

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Using Creatine – Action and Intake

Creatine is one of the most popular and best-selling dietary supplements in strength training. It is increasingly conquering the market for endurance sports products. Unfortunately, only few people such as athletes know how to use Creatine correctly in order to improve training results. Find out how Creatine works, how much to take in one dose and what to look for in order to achieve optimal results. […]

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Vitamin D: In which foods will you find it?

Vitamin D: In which foods will you find it?

Do you already know some of the foods that contain Vitamin D? Almost every one of us has heard of this fat-soluble vitamin before, but in what way can the body itself provide it?

Vitamin D can be synthesized in the body by sunlight through cholesterol, amongst other things. In this case, an inactive precursor is activated by rays from the sun and made ​​available to the body which is why it is also called a Pro-hormone. But what happens in the “darker seasons” such as autumn and winter? Can we add Vitamin D into our diet? And if so, in what foods can we find Vitamin D? Is the well-known Liver oil really as Vitamin D-rich as they say? […]

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The Finest Goji Berry Recipes: Versatile & Nutrient Rich!

The Finest Goji Berry Recipes: Versatile & Nutrient Rich!
Goji Berry Recipes provide fresh ideas for connoisseurs of Power Fruit. People are always searching for wonderful new variations for the little red miracle berry. And rightly so! The Far Eastern Goji Berries are not only rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants but also really tasty.

For those of you who have found that pure snacking has become boring and want to experiment with cooking goji berries amongst other things, we have compiled the ten most creative Goji Berry Recipes. Whether you are a sweet tooth, meat lover, salad friend, gourmet pasta fan or tea drinker – here, you will find the right goji recipe for every person and every season!


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