Study: Experts Warn Of “Smoothie Paunch”

Berlin, July 9, 2015. Fit food or health hoax? Nutrition experts at nu3 have released new research that warns against smoothies high in calories and sugar.

In a Germany-wide study, nutrition experts tested 43 smoothies from various shops and brands. The surprising results: According to the new study from the nu3 nutrition portal, many of the fruit purées that were analyzed are chock full of calories. Some of the products tested contained up to 87 kilocalories per 100 milliliters, nearly twice the amount found in a similar volume of beer.

The study contends that the types of smoothies typically found in smaller food shops and bakeries give particular cause for concern: Of the 16 samples tested, 25% contained added sugar.

Nutrition scientists made more positive findings regarding the use of artificial flavoring and preservatives: Neither of these additives could be detected in any of the products tested.

One third of the smoothies tested, while free from processed sugar, were prepared with a high proportion of inexpensive fruits like bananas and apples. Critical: These fruits are high in fructose and therefore contain more calories. This can be detrimental to the health, in particular, for children, those with diabetes and older people who are less physically active in everyday life, according to experts.

Smoothies alone are not suitable for meeting the daily requirements for fluid intake. Therefore researchers warn against casual, uncontrolled consumption. Michael A. P. Divé, Head of Corporate Communications at nu3: “Smoothies from retail stores are often high in calories and are more akin to desserts. For many uninformed consumers, the smoothie belly has long become reality!”

The nutrition portal accordingly suggests homemade smoothies without added sugar. The scientists also recommend combining different flavors – fruits, leafy greens, berries and seeds such as chia – to cover the broadest spectrum of nutrition possible. Fruit and plant powders, such as acai, moringa and lucuma – so-called superfoods – can help enrich smoothies with vitamins and nutrients, report the researchers.

About nu3

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