Climate Change: Experts Warn Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Berlin, October 16, 2015. Less sunshine in August, more overcast days in September – experts are now warning of the health effects of climate change: Vitamin D deficiency is a risk, especially for children and the elderly.

An analysis of the past summer’s weather is sobering: Long periods of sunshine were seldom and instead humid and overcast weather was common during the month of August. September was also grey and rainy in many regions. According to experts from the nutrition portal nu3, this premature seasonal change to fall could pose a health risk: The body needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D within the skin. Production decreases rapidly during darker months and vitamin D deficiency becomes a threat.

“Unseasonably poor weather and decreasing hours of sunshine lead to a drop of vitamin D levels” explains Michael A. P. Divé from the nutrition portal nu3. Vitamin deficiency is already commonplace: According to a study by nutrition experts, 60 per cent of the population suffers from the ailment.

Problematic: The body needs vitamin D for robust bones and teeth, among other things, because it is necessary to utilize the calcium and phosphorous in foods. Children and young people in particular require increased amounts of vitamin D. The elderly are also at risk of an acute vitamin D deficiency. From the age of 40, the body’s ability to produce the sunshine vitamin in the skin begins to wane. Researchers conclude that “between autumn and spring, the sun’s rays are insufficient for a noteworthy synthesis of vitamin D.”

Therefore, experts recommend consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin D through food sources. To reach the recommended daily requirement of 20 μg (micrograms), vitamin D capsules, in addition to vitamin-rich foods, are a sensible choice. Such foods include eggs, fish (eel, herring, sprat), mushrooms such as porcini, processed cheese and ripe avocado. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is the only vitamin that the body can produce on its own.

About nu3

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