nu3 Becomes Exclusive Partner Of REWE Online Marketplace

Berlin, June 27, 2017. Berlin-based start-up nu3 enters into a strategic partnership with REWE, the online market leader for fresh groceries in Germany. From the beginning of July, nu3 products will be introduced as part of a test phase for 1,000 customers via the REWE online marketplace. nu3 has worked tenaciously through the extensive qualification process to become a hand-selected REWE partner. This partnership will further promote nu3’s image as an innovation leader in the area of superfoods and functional nutrition.

Innovative Products for Sustainable Nutrition

nu3 is an online retailer that is specialized in the development of nutritious products that support the health, fitness and comfort needs of consumers. The company’s own brand line of nu3 products is designed to meet growing customer demand for functional nutrition. In addition, nu3 aims to replace heavily processed products with natural alternatives. nu3 stands for optimal ingredients without unnecessary additives. The partnership between nu3 and REWE will transform the Berlin-based start-up’s products into a household name for health and nutrition-conscious customers in Germany.

nu3 on the path to multi-channel expansion

There is clearly a growing trend centered on purely plant-based products that are free of sugar, unhealthy fats and artificial additives. “We are thrilled that we can now directly offer our products to REWE customers. Many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with nutrient-rich, sustainable foods such that it is becoming an integral part of their lives. It is important to them that natural ingredients are sourced from eco-friendly cultivation and are harvested and processed in a way that ensures that nutrients are preserved. And that is a field in which we are specialized”, explains Dr. Robert Sünderhauf, Founder and Managing Director of nu3. Just this past May, nu3 has begun offering more than 50 of its products in over 220 Coop supermarkets in Switzerland – a clear sign of an effective multi-channel strategy from the successful online brand for functional nutrition.

About nu3

nu3 is a Berlin-based start-up that stands for intelligent nutrition that is easily incorporated into daily life. The company was built with the vision to enable healthy, active and happy lives by offering healthy, innovative products at the highest quality possible. nu3’s selection of product ranges from natural foods like superfoods, low-carb products and sport nutrition to health products. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Sünderhauf and Kassian Ortner and has since grown to employ about 100 people.

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