nu3 Launches Four Premium Supplements

Berlin, October 30, 2017. Four new supplements have been added to nu3’s Premium Supplement product range: nu3 Premium Iron, nu3 Premium Zinc, nu3 Premium Magnesium and nu3 Premium Turmeric Forte.

nu3’s dietary supplements offer an extra kick of nutrients with a broad spectrum of efficacy for the body: Iron to reduce fatigue, Magnesium for reliable muscle support, Zinc to protect cells from oxidative stress and Turmeric with vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

To achieve the best possible results, these compounds have been developed using cutting edge scientific standards. Based on an array of clinical trials, the ingredients have been specially formulated to work in harmony and, as a result, are well tolerated. This puts them among the best products available on the market.

Below is an overview of the most important properties of the premium supplements:

  • High bioavailability: Premium compounds ensure excellent bioavailability
  • Optimal dosage: 100-150% of the recommended daily allowance ensures safe dosing
  • Exceptionally pure: Free from fillers, anti-caking agents, dyes, gluten and lactose
  • Vegan: The gelatin-free cellulose capsules are free from any animal-derived ingredients (magnesium, iron and zinc)
  • Practical: The extra small capsules make them easy-to-swallow

In a continued effort to provide the right nutritional solutions for every need, further products for targeted supplements will be made available in the near future.

About nu3

nu3 is a Berlin-based start-up that stands for intelligent nutrition that is easily incorporated into daily life. The company was built with the vision to enable healthy, active and happy lives by offering healthy, innovative products at the highest quality possible. nu3’s selection of product ranges from natural foods like superfoods, low-carb products and sport nutrition to health products. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Sünderhauf and Kassian Ortner and has since grown to employ almost 100 people.


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