Healthy Indulgence: nu3 Launches Low-carb Baking Mixes

Berlin, April 12, 2018. Are baking mixes unhealthy? Not when they’re from nu3. Starting in April, the Berlin-based company for intelligent nutrition is bringing three new products to market that support a carbohydrate and sugar reduced nutritional lifestyle. The three new products nu3 Fit Protein Bread, nu3 Fit Protein Muffins and nu3 Fit Low Carb Pizza will give health-conscious individuals quick and easy gluten-free, sugar reduced alternatives to traditional baked goods.

After the successful launch of nu3’s Fit Shake, a protein-rich shake with vitamin C, collagen and copper, and nu3’s Fit Drops, a selection of calorie-free flavor drops for food and drinks, come nu3’s brand-new baking mixes – the third product to launch within the nu3 Fit Line.

The combination of exclusive ingredients ensures that the gluten-free nu3 Fit baking mixes have exceptional nutritional value. With added protein and reduced carbohydrates, these baking mixes are great for fitness-oriented nutrition, especially when compared to many other products available on the market that are often based on white flour and high in carbohydrates.

Starting immediately, these products are available from the nu3 online shop, Amazon and in the Swiss retail chain Coop.

About nu3

nu3 is a Berlin-based start-up that stands for intelligent nutrition that is easily incorporated into daily life. The company was built with the vision to enable healthy, active and happy lives by offering healthy, innovative products at the highest quality possible. nu3’s selection of product ranges from natural foods like superfoods, low-carb products and sport nutrition to health products. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Sünderhauf and Kassian Ortner and has since grown to employ almost 100 people.


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