Food Intolerance? nu3 Launches Transparency Initiative

Berlin, February 25, 2016. One in five people has trouble digesting certain foods. Milk and gluten intolerance are particularly widespread. Now nu3 is launching a Europe-wide transparency initiative and presents a new generation of self-test sets.

People living gluten-free were long considered unusual. But the root of gluten intolerance is a real medical problem: For people with celiac disease, ingesting foods containing gluten leads to chronic inflammation in the lining of the small intestines and increases the risk of developing cancer.

nu3 – Europe’s market leader for intelligent nutrition – is raising public awareness for this issue. Within the scope of a Europe-wide transparency initiative, test sets are being offered that enable consumers to test themselves for food intolerance at home. The tests detect whether specific autoantibodies are present in the blood. Five minutes and a drop of blood from a fingertip are all that is needed to conduct the test and see the results.

Michael Divé, Head of Corporate Communications at nu3: “These tests enable consumers to quickly check whether they have a food intolerance and adapt their eating habits accordingly without having to visit a doctor.” The nu3 MilkTest is also part of the transparency initiative. Milk protein is an allergen for many, especially infants and children. The immune system’s overreaction leads to the formation of specific antibodies in response to Immunoglobulin E (IgE). Some non-specific symptoms such as acne, headache, fatigue and anxiety can be attributed to lactose intolerance. The transparency initiative is accompanied by special editorial features and an information campaign that will be rolled out across 25 countries in the EU, as well as in Brazil and China.

About nu3

nu3 is a Berlin-based start-up that stands for intelligent nutrition that is easily incorporated into daily life. The company was built with the vision to enable healthy, active and happy lives by offering healthy, innovative products at the highest quality possible. nu3’s selection of product ranges from natural foods like superfoods, low-carb products and sport nutrition to health products. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Sünderhauf and Kassian Ortner and has since grown to employ about 100 people.


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