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Health Products

Nutritional supplements for your health

Why do we offer so many Health Products that it has become almost too much to count? Because we know at nu3 that Health is a man’s most precious possession. For this reason, we do everything to keep you healthy and well: With expert advice and a unique and comprehensive health store, nu3 offers the largest selection of products for your health conscious diet!

Here you will find proven health products from well-known brands and renowned manufacturers as well as tips, exclusively discovered for you by our experienced experts. Here we offer everything for your health!

Being healthy - what does that mean?

Health is more than the mere absence of disease, from physical or mental suffering. Being healthy means to feel good all-around, with both mind and body, internally and externally. Therefore, our Health Store has everything that can help you achieve this goal every day!

  • Learn about health products for every area of the body: From the head to toe!
  • Find out what health products may be right for you to help with certain incompatibilities or with issues such as energy metabolism, immune system or stress!
  • Discover valuable vitamins, minerals and many other high-quality nutrients that contribute as part of a healthy diet to maintain your normal health!

In addition, our special attention is paid to health food. That's why we provide you with diverse health products from nature, completely renouncing additives or genetic engineering, only the best and purest products for the sake of your health.

The Health Store from nu3

A health store… Online!

Save yourself the hassle of digging and hunting for your health products through congested shopping streets, crowded organic stores and confusing shopping centers! In our Health Store you have 24 hours, seven days a week to browse for products that best suit your conscious lifestyle and place your order in peace.

Detailed descriptions can inform our Health Store about the ingredients of each product. At first glance, symbols give you an easy-to-understand and quick overview of the main characteristics of health products. Practical information on dosing and intake, as well as a detailed product description of the manufacturer complete our comprehensive range of information.

Once you've finally found what you were looking for, after a few clicks of the mouse, place the selected item in your basket and submit your order in no time. Our Service: Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours of your order.

Large selection of the best products

Dietary supplements from the experts

As nutrition experts, we understand what really matters in effective dietary and nutritional supplements. In the nu3 range you will only find nutritional supplements that meet our own high quality standards in regards to the origin and nature of the ingredients used. We put the main focus on careful processing and production. So you can be sure to get only the best food and nutrition supplements for your health.

Our range includes not only a full range of popular dietary supplements containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, or vitamins from the B complex. We also provide in a wide range of minerals for nutritional supplements, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc, as well as a huge selection of other nutritional supplements supporting healthy nutrition. These range from folic acid, the co-enzyme Q10, omega-3 essential fatty acids and proteins by various natural amino acids, plant products, enzymes and neuro-transmitters to special active ingredients such as creatine or carnitine.

Always find the right Nutritional supplements for your personal lifestyle and the food supplement for your own individual needs from nu3!

As the experts, at nu3 we know that a health conscious lifestyle is not entirely free of some misbehaviour, or a “cheat day”. That's why you will find dietary supplements that can help you compensate for such days on the nu3 store. These include, for example, supplements to treat vitamin deficiency due to heavy smoking or a hangover-defence after intense alcohol consumption. But even if it is just a lack of certain nutrients, such as iron deficiency, calcium deficiency or selenium deficiency, you will find the food supplements from our store that offer valuable support to give your body what it needs.

Despite your diet, by choice or necessity, we have products to suit and even support vegetarian, vegan and lactose or gluten-free diets.