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Natural food: Natural pleasure

Natural meals, snacking and treats online from nu3

In the flooded and overloaded health foodmarket available in supermarkets, health food stores and online stores can be overwhelming to the average consumer. What foods really are Natural? Can you really trust the promises you read on the packaging? With us you can feel secure and always safe, because we look very closely at all of our natural products!

Here you will find natural food in all variations: Fruits, grasses, herbs, roots, seeds, soils, and even mineral rocks, to teas, juices, smoothies and much, much more! The expertise and experience of our experts will give it the orientation that you want to be your individual right to your natural diet justice. Thus, our natural food store for a careful examination of products offered and an optimal and transparent labeling of all reported natural products - so that you can provide confidence for your well-being and that of your family to the fullest.

Natural product help at a glance!

Just look for the easy-to-understood symbols next to every item in our shop. They tell you at a glance whether it is a product with natural ingredients, pure natural food or even in certified organic quality. Many natural products that we have in store for you, wearing the official organic seal of the European Union. Also your will find, natural food with quality labels from Naturland, Demeter NATRUE.

For example, although individual micronutrients, such as vitamins or minerals in plants, often not high doses occur as in man-made products, so have the micro nutrients from natural foods usually have a very high bioavailability. This is because they naturally combination with other ingredients (e.g., bioflavonoids, but also thousands of other ingredients) a plant from our body can be absorbed much better than in more or less isolated form. A good reason make a conscious diet decision with health food.

You can also discover a variety of dosage forms, with which you can make the unique ingredients from natural food in a convenient way a permanent part of your balanced and healthy diet. Comprehensive information about each product and interesting posts in our blog will offer further valuable help and guidance.

Natural Variety

A wide variety Natural Products to fulfil your desires

Good to know: If you avoid food from animal or artificial origin, why should you also sacrifice enjoyment? You do not have to anymore! How creative and delicious can be vegetarian or vegan health food that will prove our broad range of known and unknown, as well as domestic and exotic natural products. Seeds and oils from organic farming enchanted sauces, for example, refine salads and create delicious baked goods.

Also, snacking is actually certainly not forbidden as a health food! Nuts, dried fruits and chocolates from managed plantations are not only a delicious temptation, but often even taste good source of energy at work, in sports and in between meals. By the way: Drinks from the health food section are not only a mere thirst quencher. Again, you expect the whole nutrient rich diversity of nature! Calm your soul: With our natural, aromatic teas from around the world.

Have a look: At our natural food natural products shipping is available in lots of ways – for larger orders without any added shipping costs!