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This Formula Diet helps you to reach your desired weight. Weight loss without starving, and the provision of the important nutrition.
Amount: 2 x 572 g

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Featured characteristics

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Flavours

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nu3 Formula Diet: Successful dieting is fun!

Lose a few kilo and keep the weight off! For many people this is at the top of the wish list. So that real achievements can come of good intentions we have developed your new nu3 Formula Diet. This is our slimming method: purposeful weight loss without sacrifice or hunger. And this with only 207 calories per serving!

This is why the formula diet works:

  • You replace meals and thus save calories! In this way you lose weight quickly as part of a low calorie diet and your weight stabilises after the diet
  • High quality protein combined with vitamins and minerals in a perfect blend! The protein helps to maintain muscle mass
  • The psyllium contained contributes to a high fiber content
  • One serving contains only 207 kcal
  • Thanks to its deliciously creamy consistency also ideal in a shake with fruit - a fresh and fruity delight

Try it out! This is in it for you:

We have developed a high-protein product that provides you with all the essential nutrients! You can mix it easily with water or milk in a blender or shaker.
Start into an easier life: The highly effective protein diet for lean nutrition convinces even those who have so far not had permanent weight loss success. Based on soy protein from guaranteed GM-free sources, it is easily digestible and helps you to consume less energy than you burn. How much weight do you want to lose?

Lose weight according to plan: Your Formula

A calorie deficit will assist you in achieving your goal of a dream figure. Because: Now the body breaks down the fat reserves of the stomach, legs and buttocks. At the same time the high quality protein of nu3 Formula Diet helps you to stay in shape, as proteins prevent you from losing muscle mass during the diet. And this is how it works:

Day 1 and 2: Replace three meals with nu3 Formula Diet
Day 3 to 9: Replace two meals with nu3 Formula Diet and pay attention to a healthy and calorie conscius meal
Day 10 to 14: Replace one meals with nu3 Formula Diet and pay attention to a healthy and calorie conscius meal

Do it like the stars: lose weight and keep it off! This is the biological rule for your long-term success, for a good figure and slim, firm shape. As part of a balanced, healthy diet the nu3 Formula Diet supports this goal. And with only 207 calories per serving!

Put an end to the yo-yo effect

Now you have everything under control: the perfect formula diet is also great as a snack, when traveling, in the office or as a high-protein shake for in between. From thousands of conversations and years of experience with diet and slimming products, at nu3 we know more about the processes of weight loss than many others. So try it out and start a new chapter with the nu3 formula diet!

Product Characteristics
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dye Free
  • Gelatin Free
  • No Sugar Substitutes
  • No Flavour Enhances
  • Yeast Free
  • No Genetic Engineering
  • Vegetarian


soy protein isolate, honey powder (maltodextrin, honey), polydextrose, fructose, soybean oil, Thickener (potassium citrate), Release Agent (silica), calcium carbonate, modified starch, glucose syrup, Stablizer (psyllium husk powder), Di-Potassium Phosphate, magnesium carbonate, salt, Thickener (Locust bean gum), milk protein, maltodextrin, Stablizer (triphosphates), L-ascorbic acid, Iron (III) diphosphate, Zinc gluconate, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, nicotinamide, natural flavour, manganese gluconate, retinyl, Calcium D-pantothenate, copper gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cholecalciferol, riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, folic acid, Potassium iodate, sodium selenite, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin

Directions for use

Briskly whisk 57g powder (4 tbsp) into 300 ml water or use a shaker.

Recommended daily dosage

57 g

Nutrition facts

Nutrient specification Per 100 g Per portion (57 g) % of reference value per portion (57 g)
Energy 1506 kJ
359,94 kcal
858,42 kJ
205,07 kcal
Fat 4,2 g 2,39 g -
of which:
Saturated Fatty acids 0,7 g 0,4 g -
Saturated Fat - - -
Carbohydrates 30 g 17,1 g -
of which:
Sugar 13,8 g 7,87 g -
Fibre 11,2 g 6,38 g -
Protein 43 g 24,51 g -
Salt 1,82 g 1,04 g -
Fiber - - -
Vitamin A 514 μg 292,98 μg 36,62%
Vitamin B6 0,9 mg 0,51 mg 36,64%
Vitamin B12 1,6 μg 0,91 μg 36,48%
Vitamin C 50 mg 28,5 mg 35,63%
Vitamin D 2,63 μg 1,5 μg 29,98%
Vitamin e 7,9 mg 4,5 mg 37,53%
Niacin 10,5 mg 5,99 mg 37,41%
Pantothenic acid 3,9 mg 2,22 mg 37,05%
Riboflavin 0,9 mg 0,51 mg 36,64%
Folic acid 204 μg 116,28 μg 58,14%
Thiamine 0,7 mg 0,4 mg 36,27%
Biotin 33 μg 18,81 μg 37,62%
Calcium 398 mg 226,86 mg 28,36%
Iron 15,3 mg 8,72 mg 62,29%
Iodine 306 μg 174,42 μg 116,28%
Potassium 937 mg 534,09 mg 26,7%
Copper 1,7 mg 0,97 mg 96,9%
Magnesium 138 mg 78,66 mg 20,98%
Manganese 0,9 mg 0,51 mg 25,65%
Phosphorus 534 mg 304,38 mg 43,48%
Selenium 41 μg 23,37 μg 42,49%
Zinc 5,8 mg 3,31 mg 33,06%

Alergens or special properties

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free


  • It is important to always follow the instruction of an appropriate preparation.
  • Please make sure to maintain an adequate daily fluid intake. The product should not be used by children, adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers or people with eating disorders. People with metabolic disorders should not use the product without consultation with a doctor.
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nu3 Formula Diet, powder

Per product

  • Name nu3 Formula Diet, powder
  • Item description Meal replacement for weight control
  • For the dietary treatment of -
  • Net weight 572 g
  • Dosage Form Powder
  • Best before end See packaging
  • Brand nu3
  • Country of origin Germany
  • Label language Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Package insert / packing slip (PDF) Not Available
  • Amount 572 g
  • Storage

    Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Manufactured By nu3 GmbH
    Brückenstr. 5
    10179 Berlin Germany

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