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nu3 Matcha-Set, 1 piece(s)

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Handy bowl, handmade whisk and bamboo spoon for the original Japanese tea experience

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Enjoy your tea like they do in Japan

  • Gift Set for a traditional Matcha tea ceremony
  • Consisting of a Japanese Matcha bowl, a handmade Matcha whisk and a matcha spoon
  • Bowls and spoons are made of sturdy bamboo
  • Practical and decorative accessory for green tea lovers



Standard Method: Usucha - Matcha

  • Add 2-4 bamboo "scoops" (Chashaku) of Matcha to the matcha bowl (Chawan)
  • Pour between 70 -100 ml of water at 70 - 80°C into the bowl.
  • With the bamboo whisk (Chasen) stir the matcha from the wrist in a W-shape, until the tea is uniformly creamy and has formed a nice foam on the surface,
  • As a last step carefully lead the Chasen around the edge of the foam, so that it rises to a higher level at the edge of the bowl and forms a more pleasing image.
  • Now the Matcha is ready to be enjoyed.


Method for tea ceremony (special occasions): Koicha - Matcha

  • Add 4 bamboo spatulas (Chashaku) of Matcha powder to the Matcha bowl (Chawan)
  • Pour 50-70 ml of water, at a temperature of 80 ° C into the bowl
  • As with the Usucha, stir with the bamboo whisk until a nice homogenous tea is produced
  • Unlike Usucha, Koicha does not form a sturdy foam on the surface of the tea
This product has no review yet.
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nu3 Matcha-Set

  • Name nu3 Matcha-Set
  • Dosage Form Accessories
  • Amount 1 piece(s)
  • Brand nu3
  • Manufactured By nu3 GmbH
  • Label language German
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