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nu3 Organic Almond Purée, white, 500 g

from nu3
Organic raw almond puree: 100 % organic and natural - no added salt, sugar or oil
Variation: weiß

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Featured characteristics

  • Vegan
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free

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Organic premium almond purée

Our white almonds puree contains only crunchy almonds of the highest quality. These are peeled, finely ground and then simply put in glass jars. The peculiarity: the almonds are worked only at low temperature, below 42 °C. Thus, valuable nutrients are preserved optimally.

100 % from controlled organic farming
The almonds grow under the hot sun of Spain and Italy. After thorough quality control, the almonds are crushed and free from any moisture. Finally, they are finely ground in stone mills. The result is a raw creamy puree with a sweet flavor of pure almonds. Completely without salt, sugar or oil added.

Our engagement :

  • Raw quality for optimal preservation of ingredients
  • 100 % almond - nothing else
  • Organic almonds from Spain and Italy

A must have in all kitchens

Whether it's a bread spread, a super ingredient for pastries or a nutty in smoothies, the almond puree will bring an incredible almond flavor to your favorite dishes. This puree is a super source of vegetable protein and is ideal for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

About: It is quite normal to see the oil of the almonds deposited from time to time on the surface of the pot. Stir quickly just before use - ready!

Almond purée - Multiple possibilities
With the almond purée your imagination has no limits. Replace the butter in your cupcakes and cakes with almond purée, add a spoon in your muesli or concoct vegan almond-mango ice cream. Your smoothies will be even more irresistible with almond purée. And how about pasta with a courgette-almond sauce? This pure purée enhances soups, sauces and marinades, a touch of delicate almonds and a dreamy creaminess.

- We Feed Your Happiness!

Product Characteristics
  • Vegan
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Dye Free
  • Preservative Free
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Added Sweeteners
  • No Sugar Substitutes


peeled almonds1,2 (100%)

1 Ecological ingredient
2 Italy, Spain

Nutrition facts

Nutrient specification Per 100 g
Energy 2804 kJ
670,17 kcal
Fat 61 g
of which:
Saturated Fat 5 g
Carbohydrates 5,7 g
of which:
Sugar 5,7 g
Protein 23 g
Salt 0,01 g
Fiber -

Alergens or special properties

  • May contain traces of nuts and sesame.

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
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More Information

nu3 Organic Almond Purée, white

  • Name nu3 Organic Almond Purée, white
  • Item description Almond puree
  • For the dietary treatment of -
  • Net weight 500 g
  • Dosage Form Natural
  • Best Before See packaging
  • Brand nu3
  • Country of origin Italy
  • Label language German
  • Package insert / packing slip (PDF) Not Available
  • Storage

    Keep in a dry and cool place.

  • Manufactured By nu3
    Brückenstr. 5
    10179 Berlin

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