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nu3 Performance Whey, Cookies & cream, powder, 1000 g

from nu3
Over 22g protein per portion, rich in taste and excellently soluble even in water: the nu3 performance whey.
Flavour: Cookies-Cream

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Featured characteristics

  • Preservative Free
  • Gelatin Free
  • Dye Free

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Our Performance Whey Cookies & Cream NU3 

  • We worked hard for this product: here comes our best performance whey for your muscles!
  • The intensive whey product for the highest sporting standards: high protein content and very refreshing
  • Athletic & delicious: with the new flavor "Cookies & Cream"
  • We offer full transparency and are honest with out ingredient list: we guarantee that our performance whey is free of unnecessary additives! For your success: 5% whey protein isolate as a protein source
  • This protein creates success: per serving  22.5g protein contained. Why is that important? Proteins contribute to building muscles and maintaining muscle mass.
  • Finally a whey that tastes great! This formulation has been optimized by our nutrient experts so that the outstanding flavor unfolds perfectly when mixed with water.
  • Free from the sweetener aspartame. Smart: instead, the quality of sucralose unfolds here, the only calorie-free sweetener. This exclusive product has been authorized in the EU for more than 10 years  already.

Your performance, your success, your whey!
For the new NU3 Performance Whey nutrient experts have paid attention to two important aspects. First, it is a whey product with a compact, effective and transparent ingredient list. And that means that only ingredients which make sense and can accompany your success and support muscle growth become a part of this product. That's 22.5 grams of protein per serving. This is what the body needs order to produce muscle mass, for example after a challenging workout and intensive training load. This is exactly the phase in which your body creates new muscle mass from proteins. The second aspect in the development of NU3 Performance Whey is: it dissolves wonderfully in water and has a fresh, intense flavor. Finally a whey that tastes great and can become your constant companions after each workout!
What's inside: Protein!
This protein makes the difference. Exercisers and sport experts know: 70 percent of success is determined by the diet. Nutrition can change your success! That is why our NU3 Performance Whey has exactly 5% whey protein isolate as a quality protein source. And we're very precise about our proteins: we make sure that this is exactly the amount of protein you're getting. 22.5 g protein are contained per serving. And that's your advantage: an effective product, which can be used both before and after the workout.
What's inside: 100 percent taste!
Developed by nutritional experts for successful athletes: even the taste of nu3 performance whey is convincing. With intense and varied flavours, it is the perfect reward for a sweaty workout and at the same time an important source of protein for your body. We have perfected the nu3 performance whey recipe so that it dissolves well in water. Because we realize that many fitness fans would rather prepare their whey with water than with milk. This is now possible with NU3's super Performance Whey - test it and be the one to know!

What's inside: pleasant sweetness without useless additives!
Mild sweetness without burdening: no hidden calories, only what you need. This includes protein, great aroma and a mild sweetness. We make no compromises. Our Performance Whey NU3 is aspartame free. This is important for athletes who have the highest standards - and it is for them that whey exists! Therefore, we only use sucralose as a sweetener, and that's a big difference.
This is how to use your NU3 Performance Whey correctly:
Many athletes have their own preferences regarding when and how they most enjoy their nu3 performance whey. Ask your trainer, or sporting friends, or even ask our nu3 nutrition experts in the chat or over the phone! The best way to prepare nu3 performance whey is with the original nu3 shaker. This is how it works: fill 30g of the powder into the nu3 shaker and add 200ml water. Close securely with the practical lid, and shake well for 30 seconds. This causes the whey to dissolve optimally into the water. The result is a creamy shake. Our extra advice: the shake is especially refreshing when you use chilled water in preparation. In any case though, you should drink the shake right after mixing - while aroma and consistency are perfect for you!

Product Characteristics
  • Preservative Free
  • Gelatin Free
  • Dye Free
  • No Sugar Substitutes
  • No Flavour Enhances
  • No Added sugar
  • Vegetarian
  • Yeast Free
  • Free of Aspartam


Whey protein concentrate (89,6%), Whey Protein Isolate (5%), aroma, Thickener (guar flour, xanthan), low fat cocoa powder (1%), Release Agent (silica), Emulsifier (soy lecithin), Sweetner (sucralose)

Directions for use

Simply add 30g of the powder and 200 ml water to a shaker and shake for about 30 seconds, to produce a wonderfully creamy shake. The shake is especially refreshing when prepared with chilled water. To enjoy the drink in optimal flavour and consistency, drink directly after mixing.

Recommended daily dosage

30 g

Nutrition facts

Nutrient specification Per 100 g Per portion (30 g) % of reference value per portion (30 g)
Energy 1559 kJ
372,61 kcal
467,7 kJ
111,62 kcal
Fat 4,4 g 1,32 g -
of which:
Saturated Fat 2,6 g 0,78 g -
Carbohydrates 7 g 2,1 g -
of which:
Sugar 5 g 1,5 g -
Protein 74,3 g 22,29 g -
Salt 0,89 g 0,27 g -
Fiber - - -

Alergens or special properties

  • Contains lactose, may contain traces of nuts, gluten and egg.


  • Pay attention to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake shouldn't be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of children.

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nu3 Performance Whey, Cookies & cream, powder

  • Name nu3 Performance Whey, Cookies & cream, powder
  • Item description nu3 performance whey cookies & cream powder
  • Special content With sweetener(s)
  • For the dietary treatment of -
  • Net weight 1000 g
  • Dosage Form Powder
  • Best before end See packaging
  • Brand nu3
  • Country of origin Germany
  • Label language Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Package insert / packing slip (PDF) Not Available
  • Amount 1000 g
  • Storage

    Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Manufactured By nu3 GmbH
    Brückenstr. 5
    10179 Berlin Germany

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