Slimming with nu3

Who really wants permanently successful weight loss, needs to know: A diet is just the beginning. If you want to reach you ideal weight and maintain it in the long run, this can only be done through a long term balanced, healthy diet and a more conscious way of living that breaks the old, unhealthy and perhaps beloved habits. The nutrition experts from nu3 support you with a rich selection of diverse products when starting your diet, during the successful weight loss push and also in the period after! Making it as easy as possible for your desired weight to not just remain a wish, but to be the start of a new weight-conscious lifestyle.

With the product range our shop, we want to help you effectively and sustainably reduce weight. That’s why our experts have selected quality products for you with great care. Products that effectively support you in very different ways in removing weight or starting your healthy, low-calorie. So you will find, for example…

  • Protein products that support your Slimming routine, or keep the weight off by replacing one of more daily meals, for example in the form of shakes or bars
  • Carbohydrate Blockers (so-called “Carb Blockers”), which reduce the absorption of carbohydrates
  • Saturation capsules based on natural psyllium, which reduce the feeling of hunger and thus facilitate weight loss
  • Jerusalem artichoke, also for satiety purposes
  • Chitosan and Formoline L112 for fat binding (so-called “Fat Blockers“)
  • Products with the natural amino acid compound Carnitine

You can choose exactly the right products from a huge selection of proven, quality products that fit individually to you and allow you finally realize your Slimming dream . Our clear navigation brings you quickly and easily to your desired product, no matter whether you are looking for specific Weightloss Methods (from the low-carb diet to the spa concept), for skin tightening products (for cosmetic use from the outside or as a food supplement from the inside), as a meal replacement (even with lactose-free varieties!), Natural products (from dietary fiber to tea) or top brands (from Almased to BEAVITA, Formoline, Formovital and Innéov as well as Yokebe and other famous brands). Use different filters to display your personal selection of products based on different properties, forms, brands or price ranges and narrow your choices further.

Easily understandable symbols (pictograms) in the product view make guidance easier by pointing to certain common ingredients or additives at first glance. This is very useful for example, if you are looking to lose weightand search in particular for vegan and/or gluten-free products, or purely natural food products and want to immediately get all the information to support your important purchasing decision. For every product our nutritionists also provide you with valuable information on application or ingestion both during the diet and after a successful weight loss journey. Product Details including the ingredients, the manufacturer, customer reviews, product description and links to related product categories.

In addition, discover our product sets that are exclusive to nu3! In these, our nutrition experts have put together the best products for your weight loss routine – optimally combined, perfectly matched and at an unbeatable bargain price.

Slimming, but how?

Losing weight can be easy – if you do it right. Many diets and supposed “secret recipes” promise a lot, but at the end of the day do not bring the desired results, at least not sustainable results. It’s not only the sweet and chocolate lovers that have to battle with the dreaded yo-yo effect: Where, as fast as the pounds disappear, they are back on the hips in a very amount of short time, despite the very best intentions and disciplined dieting. So what can you do if your goal is: Effective Slimming & Weight Loss? Our nutrition experts at nu3 have the answer!

A health-conscious lifestyle

Obesity does not arise solely as a result of a wrong or insufficiently healthy diet. Also lack of movement and exercise often plays a significant role in its development. The reason: One mistake is due to a diet too high is fats and calories provides the body with more energy than it actually needs. The body is only able to burn these calories through physical activity. If the movement, the energy is not consumed it can be stored in the form of love handles, and kept in reserve.

If you manage to successfully lose weight, (and keep it off!) you would know adequate exercise is of great importance. Keep active! Usually it is easy to move more in everyday life. For example, take the stairs more often, instead of the escalator or elevator. Go shorter distances by bike or on foot instead of by car, bus or train. Make time to take a walk after work. Try to avoid sitting on the sofa watching TV and indulge in a few simple physical exercises to keep active! In addition to the diet being able to keep moving makes an important addition toward healthy wellbeing. Another important element of weight loss: Drink a lot! Around two to three liters a day should do the trick. It is best to drink as much water as possible because there are no calories contained. If you follow these steps and remain disciplined: Losing weight is actually quite simple!

What to keep in mind when thinking about slimming: rapid weight loss can often result in a nutrient deficiency for many people. Our range also includes “light” foods that promote a low calorie content, compared to conventional ready-made foods which often have a lower nutrient content . This can be counteracted by the additional intake of various coordinated micronutrients. Such precisely metered multi-preparations are a useful addition of an optimal diet and healthy diet and are all available in the slimming category of our store. Other interesting information and exciting posts around the topics weight loss, food, health and beauty can be found also in the category and product pages.

P.S.: Our nutrition experts will help you not only by selected products and general information. We advise you personally! by e-mail, phone or online chat, we are all questions about Weight Loss for you. In addition, we offer special discounts, more exclusive services and special offers on our shop pages. On Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube you will find regular news, tips and recipes for weight loss. Check it out!

Slimming Programs

The slimming programs are designed to help you through each stage of your diet and to help you achieve healthy weight loss that is sustainable. The Slimming programs we have here at nu3 come in different forms and can even change throughout the course, starting with a powder substitute changing to a tablet or capsule later in the program. Many people are looking for diets that work fast and effectively, and here at nu3 we want to help you by giving you weight loss plans that are healthy and help you to achieve the result that you want. Other products and methods can be found in this area, including saturation capsules to help with satiety (feeling of fullness), metabolic activation and low carb diets. There are many different types of weight loss plans so please feel free to contact the experts at nu3 to find out which one would be the best for you!

Weight loss plans that work

Dieting and weight management is a step towards a long-term healthy lifestyle. Meaning that we help you to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it by maintaining a healthy balanced diet, avoiding the dreaded yo-yo effect. To help you in this first step, have a look at some of the slimming programs in this category. The key is about balancing the energy (calories) coming into the body and the energy going out. Most programs run on the stages theory. Reducing the calorie/energy intake to begin the diet and then slowly increasing it again so that you have enough energy for a new, more balanced, everyday life. People are often just looking for diets that work fast, however it’s better to go for something that is fast AND effective and helps you keep the weight off long term. Which is why the weight loss plans with nu3 are a great place to start.

You will find information on these slimming methods, and others online with nu3, to help you achieve healthy weight loss that lasts. With products and programs that have been carefully selected by your nutrition experts. You can find more information about each method on its individual category page. All of this and more, online at nu3

Weight reduction is simple!

Weight reduction is now a lot more effective, since you can count on a wide range of products that will help you lose weight the way you prefer. Right here, at nu3, you’ll find everything from fat burners, L-Carnitine and low carb products to carb blockers and fat blockers. You can, therefore, choose products that will burn fat on their own, thus resulting in weight loss, or diet products and supplements that will provide you with energy and restore the body’s essential nutrients lost during exercise. Additionally, most diet products and their different effects can be optimally coordinated and combined to lose weight efficiently, whilst maintaining a well-balanced diet. Whether you’ve just begun your weight reduction therapy or need to break through stubborn plateaus in the diet, the right product will work wonders for you.

Choose the right product!

If you’re not a big fan of exercise, fat burners contain natural substances that accelerate weight loss by burning calories and fat faster. Then again, if you’re really committed to turning fat into muscle, L-carnitine is the most popular substance to help you lose weight. This amino acid delivers fat directly to energy-burning cells, where it can be burned during exercise, promoting weight loss. Many low-carb products also contain L-Carnitine and are perfect if you are on a diet, since low-carb products contain fewer calories than carbohydrates and protein products. Carb blockers actually prevent carbohydrates from entering your blood stream, whilst providing your body with essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. With fat blockers you can even prevent fat from being absorbed by your body. These increase the feeling of satiety and may reduce your calorie needs.