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The Best in Sports Nutrition from the nu3 store

Nutritional supplements for your Sporting Goals

The right Sports Nutrition is important to sporting success and is as important as the right training, different sports require unique Sports Nutrition and different requirements. Regardless of whether you are operating in muscle building, weight training, endurance sports or other sports: The Sports Nutrition products in our Sport shop provides the optimal supplements for your individual conscious sports nutrition.

Here we offer products from proven and innovative brands, created for both recreational and competitive athletes. Supplements include powders, bars or capsules and products aimed at weight loss and special Sports Nutrition for Women are just some examples of our wide range that we offer for maximum training and competitive success.

Our bodies can only achieve true sporting excellence with the right combination of sports nutrition, training and recovery. Therefore, the sports nutrition products in our shop contain macronutrients (such as protein, including, for example, Whey) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) as well as amino acids and other nutrients (eg. Creatine) that support the areas of prevention, energy, muscle growth and regeneration can supplement sports nutrition in a meaningful way.

Because of the wide selection of sports nutrition, dosage types and brands you will also find matching Supplements in our sports shop that complement your individual and optimum sports nutrition plan while supporting your workouts and make them most effective - thanks to a range of delicious flavours, it even tastes good!

Sports Nutrition for your individual nutritional needs

Sports Nutrition, Unique to You!

In the nu3 sports store you will find plenty of products for physical fitness, muscle building and weight loss for your balanced sports nutrition. If your goal, for example, is to build muscle through regular training, you will need an increased supply for proteins. These proteins can optimally dosed prior to or supplied after training in the form of high-quality sports nutrition - and do so at will as a finished drink than even stirred Shake from powder or as a handy bar that not only is everywhere, but also saturates and at the same time provides energy needed for daily life or the next training session.

These are only a few examples of the wide variety of sports food that we offer, usually free from shipping costs. So other Supplements on offer include products after training and for regeneration. To ensure a correct dosage you will find a clear guide for each product on how, when and how often the product should be used the sports shop of nu3.

Women also have specific requirements with their Sports Nutrition. For this reason, you can buy sports nutrients and food that have been developed specifically for the special needs of women and not only their athletic training, but also for weight reduction in a meaningful way.

The right Sports products, sent directly to you

The Sports Shop from nu3 is characterized not only by its extensive range, but also by the greatest possible clarity. Find the most important information about each product thanks to the easily understandable symbols at first glance. This ensures that you find your way quickly and find your individual sports nutrition in an instant.

Place your order here in the shop today for Sports Nutrition from well-known brands to support your effective training! In addition, we offer a selection of high-quality sports equipment, so you do not leave anything to chance when it comes to sports and nutrition.

Sport performance enhancers

A health store… Online!

Sport supplements provide a specially formulated ratio of pure natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements that aid in optimum exercise and competition enhancements and performance. The high content of pure ingredient allows for quick absorption, improving the body's general functions, strength, endurance, energy levels, as well as helping to improve physical as well as mental performance, especially during periods of intense exercise.
  • Contains rich levels of nutrient proteins
  • Rich in long chain carbohydrates
  • Contains beneficial combinations of pure micronutrients such as vitamins, mineral and trace elements
  • Contains no added preservatives, colourants or harmful additives

Essential beneficial supplements

The many products available come in a variety of different forms to allow for the easy supplementation of a dietary plan. The optimum combination of natural and pure nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements are ideal in helping to improve the body's general functions and strength, while improving performance and results when exercising and competing. The combination of nutrients also aids the in improving the body's optimum mental and physical performance. The rich levels of nutrient proteins combined with long chain carbohydrates helps to improve the body's endurance and energy levels, as well as aids in muscle building and performance. The combination of micronutrients helps with the prevention of injuries and aids in rejuvenation and recovery after exercises. The nutrients and micronutrients combined with the high vitamin levels allow for maximum absorption, and improve the body's general functioning by aiding in bone maintenance and strength, the functioning of organs, and muscle and tissue vitality. The high vitamin levels also have a positive effect on mental performance and concentration.